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Bitcoin - $12244.83
Bitcoin Cash - $250.83
Ethereum - $381.31
Litecoin - $48.83
Bitcoin - $12244.83
Bitcoin Cash - $250.83
Ethereum - $381.31
Litecoin - $48.83
Your Crypto Wallet
Mineify is a cryptocurrency wallet for BCH and BTC. When you register your cryptocurrency wallet, you will receive a BCH and BTC address along with the option to start mining.

Our BCH and BTC cryptocurrency wallet works just like any other, but with one twist. You can also use your Mineify wallet for trading and mining purposes. As such, Mineify is truly a streamlined platform for your crypto mining, storage, and trading needs.

Please register your cryptocurrency wallet today.
Your Decentralized
Only you hold the keys to your BCH and BTC decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. As such, you have the freedom to anonymously send and receive money anywhere in the world.
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
Mineify promises 99.9% uptime because we use the most advanced mining facilities and servers.
Networking Facilities
Mineify also provides networking facilities to engage with other Mineify users.
Cyber Security
Mineify uses top-of-the-line and military-grade security systems to ensure your crypto wallets are safe.