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Bitcoin - $19473.38
Bitcoin Cash - $292.11
Ethereum - $616.55
Litecoin - $89.28
Bitcoin - $19473.38
Bitcoin Cash - $292.11
Ethereum - $616.55
Litecoin - $89.28
Start mining cryptocurrency right now.
Mineify was founded in 2016 with the singular goal of streamlining cryptocurrency services. Initially, we only hosted miners for our clients at our Siberian facilities. But now, Mineify is a streamlined cryptocurrency platform that offers crypto mining, crypto wallet, and crypto exchange services.

Mineify provides one of the world's most reliable mining facilities in Siberia. We have high-end and technologically advanced mining facilities where your miners can work without disruptions. Our Siberian mining facility is staffed by support staff who ensure smooth operation by addressing all of your miners' concerns and problems immediately.

Mineify has a native cryptocurrency, and we also have a BCH and BTC wallet. As such, Mineify is a one-stop-shop for crypto mining, crypto exchange, and crypto storage.
SHA256BTC Mining
In stock
Contract Term18 Months
Min. Hashrate2.62 TH/s to 50$
Contract Price0.00256761 per 2.62 TH/s
Maintenance FeeIncluded
SHA256BCH Mining
In stock
Contract Term18 Months
Min. Hashrate4.63 TH/s to 50$
Contract Price0.17116840 per 4.63 TH/s
Maintenance FeeIncluded
SHA256LTC Mining
In stock
Contract Term18 Months
Min. Hashrate191.30 MH/s to 50$
Contract Price0.56003584 per 191.30 MH/s
Maintenance FeeIncluded
We accept
Mineify is a registered company in Russia and Australia. Our platform is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).
Company #0129231143
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Mining Farm
Mineify has two mining plans you can purchase: BTC and BTH mining plans.

You can purchase a mining plan for either BTC or BTH, depending on your preference. But please note that the length of each of our mining contracts is 18 months.
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2.62 TH/s
Price : 0.00256761 BTC
Contract For
18 Month
Maintenance Costs
Daily in BTC
Do you want to calculate your potential earnings with us after you purchase a mining contract? The following is a mining calculator in which you can enter the relevant details to calculate your potential earnings from both of our mining plans. The best part about purchasing our mining plan is that you don't need to invest in your own mining devices. We provide all the necessary mining equipment, allowing you to save on capital costs.
Total Hashrate: 0 Th/S
Total Price: 0.000000 BTC / 00.00$
0.000000 $0.00
0.000000 $0.00
0.000000 $0.00
0.000000 $0.00
At the end of Contract
0.000000 $0.00
Referral Commission
Mineify has a three-level referral program. You receive 5% commissions from first-level referrals, i.e., those who have invested in Mineify through your direct referral link. You receive 2% commissions from second-level referrals, i.e., those who have invested in Mineify through the first referral's link. And you receive 1% commissions from third-level referrals, i.e., those who have invested in Mineify through the second referral's link.

The referral program is ideal for those who don't want to invest. You can simply share the link, advertise it, and enjoy the earnings from your first-level, second-level, and third-level referrals.
5%1 Level
2%2 Level
1%3 Level
Mining Room #1
Mining Room #2
Our Security
Mineify values physical and online security above all else. Our mining rooms have live cameras that ensure your safety. We also use top-of-the-line security standards to ensure your online assets remain secure.
We use state-of-the-art technologies and live video cameras to ensure safety.
Expert Team
We have an expert support team on our premises to ensure safety and provide assistance.
Mining Facility
Back when we first started out in 2016, Mineify provided high-end hotels and mining facilities in Siberia. We provided mining equipment and facilities for clients who wanted us to host their miners. However, as the mining industry grew, so did Mineify. In addition to hosting services, we started offering cloud mining for novice and expert users.

In 2020, Mineify opened its doors to novice and professional miners from across the globe. We now provide cloud mining services to novice and expert users alike.

Mineify provides some of the most advanced and high-tech mining facilities that guarantee 99.9% uptime, powered by clean yet cheap Siberian hydropower. We provide the mining equipment, high-tech facilities, and on-site specialists and assistants to ensure you can focus on mining undisturbed.